Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maximize earnings from PTC

Wondering  why other people are earning a minimum of $100 a month from Paid-To-Click (PTC)  sites when you are only getting a measly $1?  I loathe to rub it in but there are even others that receive as high as $1000 in their paychecks.

Clicking on ads alone will not obtain you more than $2 in a month. Most PTC sites that offer a cent per ad usually provide you a maximum of 5 ads in a day. Some sites give you 100 ads per day but the sign per ad is 0.0001. So how will you secure that $100 in a month?
It’s time you learn the secrets of success in earning dollars thru Paid-To-Click sites that the successful people are trying to sustain from you.

The main secret ingredient in maximizing your earnings from PTC sites is by referring other people. Most PTC sites have at least 5 levels of downlines for you to net from. They usually give about 5-10% commission from the personal earnings of your downlines. Other sites also give out a bonus referral fee for every unusual impress ups.
Imagine having 1000 people in your team (from your personal and your referrals’ downlines)  with a personal clickthru earnings of $0.5 a month per person. If you do the math, your team’s personal clickthru earnings is $5,000. Now, let’s objective say that PTC residence offers 5% commission, then you accept $50 out of the personal clickthru earnings from your referrals. Isn’t that awesome?  And we’re objective talking about a single PTC area only. Now, if you signed up for 10 PTC sites with the same earnings, then you secure $500. Great

But how do you net referrals?  There are two ways.
First, you can bewitch your referrals impart from the PTC residence for a period of time. These referrals are members who signed up without any referrer or that their referrers were either suspended or had terminated their accounts. The drawbacks of buying referrals is that you can’t guarantee that these people will be active. Also, you don’t gain from their referral’s earnings.
But the best plan to gather referrals is by spicy other people to join. You can exercise your website or send emails to your friends or even post your referral link on social networking sites.

Here are the DONT’s in referrals:
1. Don’t prefer your referrer’s name during notice up. Why?  Because even if you do, you will be assigned to another referrer anyway and would you like your referrals to do that to you as well?
2. Don’t gain more than one epic per PTC position.
3. Unless explicitly mentioned that it is allowed, only 1 person per household is allowed to note up.

Join this PTC site and  make maximize earnings  :

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